Food Allergies

  • Food allergies are a growing food safety and public health concern that affect an estimated 4%–6% of children in the United States. Protecting a student from exposure to offending allergens is the most important way to prevent life-threatening anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can affect almost any part of the body and can cause various symptoms. The most dangerous symptoms include breathing difficulties and a drop in blood pressure or shock, which are potentially fatal. Treatment of anaphylaxis, which involves Epinephrine and antihistamines, is centered on treating the rapidly progressing effects of the histamine release in the body with epinephrine. The allergen should also be removed immediately. The prevalence of food allergies among children has increased and allergic reactions to foods have become the most common cause of anaphylaxis in community health settings. Studies show that 16%–18% of children with food allergies have had a reaction from accidentally eating food allergens while at school.

    We have compiled the following list of safe snacks that each parent can purchase in order for all students to enjoy while keeping our students safe during parties and events. Please pick an item from the list below and take note of our students who live with food allergies and sensitivities. Please find below some options for items that are considered safe for parties and special snacks, and some additional recommendations:

    • Enjoy Life Halloween Chocolate Minis
    • Wise Potato Chips: Original, Honey BBQ, Onion & Garlic, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion
    • Pringles: Original, BBQ
    • Skinny Pop Popcorn
    • Pirates Booty
    • Goldfish
    • Chips Ahoy: Choc. Chip, Chunky, Chewy, White Fudge, Minis
    • Oreo’s
    • Surf Sweet Fruity Bears, Hearts, Worms, and Jelly Beans
    • Tootsie Rolls or Pops
    • Starburst
    • Skittles
    • Jelly Belly Candy Canes

    Baked goods from home should come with the ingredients listed & attached.