Interscholastic Athletic Program

  • The need for students to pay-to-participate is a direct consequence of the significant budget cuts that the state has imposed on school districts. Instruction must be our primary focus as we continue to help each student develop to his/her fullest potential, thereby preserving the level of academic excellence that we currently offer our children.

    Sports programs are non-mandated programs. In order to maintain the interscholastic athletic program at SBS while at the same time being mindful of our responsibility to work within the tight fiscal constraints imposed on the district, students will be charged a non-refundable fee in order to participate in all interscholastic sports.

    Please also keep in mind that all sports seasons will be held in accordance with state and CDC guidelines. There is no guarantee that a full season will be held for any sport. However, once the season starts, the district is obligated to pay the costs that have been approved and incurred for each sport, regardless of whether the season is completed. There will be no refunds for partial seasons.

    Non-Refundable Pay-to-Participate Fees for the 2022-2023 School Year

    Fees will be determined for each sport by the total cost of the sport (which varies) divided by the total number of students who make the team up to the maximum allowable number of athletes on the roster. The district fees included in the cost are for items such as coaching stipends, assistant coaching stipends, equipment, league fees, referee fees, estimated partial transportation costs and processing fees. (As districts are still having issues securing interscholastic transportation, thus increasing the cost of the transportation, the district has only included an estimated partial transportation cost in the calculation of each sport fee in order to keep the fees the same).

    Fees will be accessed after the student has made the team following tryouts. Fees must be paid within five (5) days of making the team. All fees must be paid in full prior to the student participating in the activity, practice/game or receiving a uniform.

    The fee will be accessed per sport. There are no multi-sport discounts or discounts for multiple children participating. Please be advised that our current payment system in not functioning at the moment. Once your student has made the team, students will be required to pay by check made payable to the Shrewsbury Board of Education within the five (5) days after your student has been notified and/or prior to your student attending any practice sessions. No student will be permitted to practice without submitting their payment for that sport. Checks should be submitted to the Business Office. Please be sure to note what student you are paying for (first and last name) when processing your payment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    ** PLEASE NOTE: There could be additional fees for teams that advance past the regular season. Any costs associated with the playoffs will be paid for directly by the students or through fund-raising efforts.

    Physicals: All students that will be trying out for the sports programs must still have a physical in order to participate in tryouts.

Interscholastic Sports Program Fees


  • Please keep in mind when signing your student up for a sport, that all sports seasons will be held in accordance with state and CDC guidelines. There is no guarantee that a full season will he held for any sport. There will be no refunds for partial seasons.

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