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Reading Strategies

Using Schema/ Making Connections : Schema is prior knowledge a reader brings to text.  Readers construct meaning by making connections between their prior knowledge  and new information in a text.

Visualizing : Visualizing is the process of creating mental images while reading. Mental images can include sights, sounds, smells, tastes sensations, and emotions.  Good readers form mental images to help them understand, remember, and enjoy text.

Wondering/ Questioning :  Proficient readers wonder and ask questions to focus their reading, clarify meaning and delve deeper into text.  They wonder what a text is about before they read, speculate about what is happening while they read, and ask questions after they read to gauge their understanding.

Using Text Features : Readers who understand that expository texts have common features such as table of contents and indexes, headings and subheading, and diagrams and charts use those features to help unlock text meaning.

Making Inferences :  Not everything is communicated by a text is directly stated. Good readers use their prior knowledge and the informations in the text to understand the implied meaning.

Determining Important Ideas :  Determining important ideas in a text helps readers identify information that is essential to know.  What is identified as important text will vary from reader to reader depending  on the purpose for reading and prior knowledge.

Analyzing Text Structure :  Proficient readers use their prior knowledge of narrative and expository text structure to approach and comprehend text.  Readers who understand that stories have common elements such as; setting, characters and plot have a framework for thinking about stories.  

Summarizing :  Summarizing is the process of identifying and bringing together the essential ideas in a text.  readers summarize as a way of understanding what they have read and communicating to others.

Synthesizing :  Synthesizing is a complex process that requires the reader to visualize, use schema, question, infer, and summarize to develop new ideas and understanding based on information in a text.