June 6, 2016


Math :  None


Spelling : NONE


  Reading :     NEW  "Kid Blog"  or "Written Log". 

Home Reading Blog or Log:       Reading Log:   Read 30 minutes each night.  After reading use at least one reading strategy we have been working on in class.  Try to use a different strategy each night.  

These strategies include:

  • Questioning -  Create at least three questions.

  • Character change - Has your character in your story changed? What are the causes of this change?

  • Main Idea -   Write at least 5 sentences to summarize the main idea of what you read during your 30 minutes of reading.  

  • Sensory Details -  Record 5 times you found sensory details  in your book while you read.

  • Predicting - Make at least 4 predictions about what you think is going to happen next in your book.

  • Character, Setting & Plot - Write the important characters , ( Setting ) where the story takes place, and ( Plot ) what is happening in the story.

Please have your parent sign the bottom of the written log.