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Mrs. Phillips

Welcome to the Reading Clinic!

In the Reading Clinic, students will focus on building the skills and utilizing the strategies necessary to become good readers!

In the primary grades, students learn to read .  This involves establishing good phonemic awareness, learning the rules of decoding and building sight word lists.  Students are cued to use picture clues and make connections to text to better understand what the author wants them to know.  As students learn to read, they improve fluency which allows them to read smoothly and with expression.  This will result in a better understanding of the text.  In the reading clinic, primary grade students will focus on phonemic awareness, fluency, rules of decoding and strategies that improve comprehension.

In the middle and upper grades, students read to learn .  This can be a challenge for students who have not mastered the skills necessary to be good readers.  In the reading clinic, middle and upper grade students will focus on fluency and the skills and strategies needed to improve comprehension.

Your child will receive individual instruction to meet their specific needs.  You will receive notification of target skills and strategies and reports demonstrating progress in those skill areas.

Please feel free to contact me at any time at or (732) 747-0887 ex. 246.

Mary Ellen Phillips