Miss Timoney


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Week of October 9th - 13th, 2017
Introduce and review the letter Cc for Community Helpers
Review the color orange , circle, and triange

School Closed

School Closed

Book - I Want to be a Nurse by Dan Liebman
Activity - Students will differentiate and identify the upper & lowercase letter Cc
Special experience - Mrs. Sprizza will be visiting the preschool to talk to the kids
about what a nurse does!!!

Book - I Want to be a Teacher by Dan Liebman
Activity - Students will write the letter Cc on the white board
as well as trace and color basic shapes
Craft - Students will make a letter C collage

Book - Librarians by Cari Meister
Activity - Studnet will complete a letter C handwriting sheet
Special experience - Students will visit and read a book in the SBS library!!!