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Contact Information

20 Obre Place, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
School:   Phone: (732) 747-0882      Fax: (732) 747-7510
Business Office: (732) 747-0887      Fax: (732) 747-0889

In the event of a power failure, the following will serve as Emergency Contact Numbers for the school (732) 747-0889 and (732) 747-7510.

School Administrators

Superintendent Brent MacConnell
Business Administrator Debi Avento
Supervisor of Special Services Roseanne Ansell
Supervisor of Curriculum Cheryl Salway

Staff Members

Teacher Email Class Page
Amato, Alyssa Fifth Grade
Ames, Diane Occupational Therapy
Angiolino, Victoria Fourth Grade
Aquilino, Lisa Kindergarten
Baeta, Marya  
Biringer, Joshua Seventh Grade
Blake, Stephanie Third Grade
Borrino, Alexis
Bonura, Christine Sixth Grade
Buskey, Kelly Eighth Grade
Cellary, Heather Eighth Grade
Chick, Norvell  
Clark, William Media Specialist
Corrigan, Jaime First Grade
Cosentino, Kelly Fifth Grade
Cuervo, Emily First Grade
Davis, Jillian  
Degenhart, Karen  
Devine, Daniel Fifth Grade
Dotto, Michelle Technology
Dura, Melissa Kindergarten
Ehlers, Laura Sixth Grade
Ehrhardt, Amanda Third Grade
Fitzgerald, Collett Third Grade
Fitzpatrick, Kathleen  
Frankel, Anne Speech Therapy
Fox, Laura Art
Fox, Staci  
Galante, Laura  
Gallagher, Eileen  
Gammoh, Laura Kindergarten
Glassmacher, Loretta  
Gore, Debra  
Havard, Todd Seventh Grade
Havern, Jennifer Preschool
Healy, Abi Speech Therapy
Hillen, Alison Nurse
Kane, Tammy Third Grade
Katsaros, Eleni Third Grade
Kiely, Kristina  
King, Alexa Phys. Ed.
King, Brittany  
Kolasis, Lynn  
Kulovitz, Robin First Grade
Long, Tori Fifth Grade
Lunz, Christopher  
Masica, Christine Second Grade
Mc Conville, James Seventh Grade
Mc Laughlin, Carolyn  
Meseroll, Jamie First Grade
Metzler-O'Rourke, Jennifer Fourth Grade
Meyer, Carol Second Grade
Miele, Dana
Montiel, Francisca Spanish
Moore, Catharine First Grade
Newman, Cynthia
Patton, Jennifer Kindergarten
Peri, Vincent Music
Peterson, Cheryl Fourth Grade
Pettit, Michael Phys. Ed
Potter, Nina  
Roche, Patrice  
Rooney, John Fourth Grade
Schlosser, Kelly Reading Intervention Instruction
Scully, Jean Sixth Grade
Shaheen, Marisa Guidance
Shea, Annie
Stambaugh, Coleen  
Stochlinski, Steve  
Sypniewski, Melissa Fifth Grade
Tardiff, Kristen  
Tillett, Michael  
Trillhaase, Leigh  
Valenti, Laurence  
Van Brunt, Laurie Second Grade
Watts, Alissa Second Grade
Wiesel, Allison Eighth Grade
Wissenbach, Maria Spanish