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Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)
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Anti Bullying Coordinator

   Mrs. E. Reynolds
   732-747-0882 x. 124
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Contact Information

    Shrewsbury Borough School District
20 Obre Place, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Phone: (732) 747-0882  Fax: (732) 747-7510

The following will serve as Emergency Contact Numbers for the school
 in the event of a power failure
(732) 747-0889  and  (732) 747-7510


  School Administrators:

Superintendent:  Brent MacConnell    

Supervisor of Special Services: Jennifer Zona            

Supervisor of Curriculum:    Erica Reynolds  

                   Business Administrator:  Debi Avento      

Business Office: Phone: (732) 747-0887    Fax: (732) 747-0889      

   Staff Members  

Acerra, Andrea acerraa@sbs.k12.nj.us
Agro, Deborah agrod@sbs.k12.nj.us
Ames, Diane amesd@sbs.k12.nj.us
Antonucci, Bridget antonuccib@sbs.k12.nj.us
Arek, Gail arekg@sbs.k12.nj.us
Bazydlo, Janice bazydloj@sbs.k12.nj.us
Blake, Stephanie blakes@sbs.k12.nj.us
Bond, Sally bonds@sbs.k12.nj.us
Brown, Elizabeth browne@sbs.k12.nj.us
Carr, Kimberly carrk@sbs.k12.nj.us
Cellary, Heather cellaryh@sbs.k12.nj.us
Chervenak, Valerie chervenakv@sbs.k12.nj.us
Clar, Steven clars@sbs.k12.nj.us
Cosentino, Kelly cosentinok@sbs.k12.nj.us
Cross, Erin crosse@sbs.k12.nj.us
Cuervo, Emily cuervoe@sbs.k12.nj.us
Davis , Jillian davisj@sbs.k12.nj.us
Di Stefano, Michele distefanom@sbs.k12.nj.us
Domogala, Krystyna domogalak@sbs.k12.nj.us
Dotto, Michelle dottom@sbs.k12.nj.us
Dura, Melissa duram@sbs.k12.nj.us
Ehlers, Laura ehlersl@sbs.k12.nj.us
Epstein, Jill epsteinj@sbs.k12.nj.us
Fitzgerald, Collett fitzgeraldc@sbs.k12.nj.us
Fitzgerald, Erin fitzgeralde@sbs.k12.nj.us
Frankel, Anne frankela@sbs.k12.nj.us
Gammoh, Laura gammohl@sbs.k12.nj.us
Galante, Laura galantel@sbs.k12.nj.us
Havard, Todd havardt@sbs.k12.nj.us
Healy, Abi healya@sbs.k12.nj.us
Jauch, Sallyann jauchs@sbs.k12.nj.us
Jones, Lisa jonesl@sbs.k12.nj.us
Kane, Tammy kanet@sbs.k12.nj.us
Kulovitz, Robin kulovitzr@sbs.k12.nj.us
Larrieu, Bremelyn larrieub@sbs.k12.nj.us
Leston, Donna lestond@sbs.k12.nj.us
Malanga, Gerald malangag@sbs.k12.nj.us
Maselli, Kathleen masellik@sbs.k12.nj.us
Meseroll, Jamie meserollj@sbs.k12.nj.us
Moraller, Kelly morallerk@sbs.k12.nj.us
Montiel, Francisca montielf@sbs.k12.nj.us
Newman, Cynthia newmanc@sbs.k12.nj.us
Patton, Jennifer pattonj@sbs.k12.nj.us
Pettit, Michael pettitm@sbs.k12.nj.us
Peterson, Cheryl petersonc@sbs.k12.nj.us 
Pfeiffer, Kelly pfeifferk@sbs.k12.nj.us
Pompei, Kathy pompeik@sbs.k12.nj.us
Phillips, Mary Ellen phillipsm@sbs.k12.nj.us
Potter, Nina pottern@sbs.k12.nj.us
Pompei, Kathy pompeik@sbs.k12.nj.us
Rooney, John rooneyj@sbs.k12.nj.us
Schreiber, Elaine schreibere@sbs.k12.nj.us
Scully, Jean scullyj@sbs.k12.nj.us
Shaheen, Marisa shaheenm@sbs.k12.nj.us
Tillett, Michael tillettm@sbs.k12.nj.us
Timoney, Amanda timoneya@sbs.k12.nj.us
Trillhaase, Leigh trillhaasel@sbs.k12.nj.us
Trunk, Eileen trunke@sbs.k12.nj.us 
Van Brunt, Laurie vanbruntl@sbs.k12.nj.us
Wiesel, Allison wiesela@sbs.k12.nj.us
Wiley, Chris wileyc@sbs.k12.nj.us
Yodice, Catherine yodicec@sbs.k12.nj.us


Shrewsbury Borough School District :: 20 Obre Place, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 :: 732-747-0882

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