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Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)
HIB Policy (pdf)

HIB Incident Report (pdf)

Anti Bullying  Coordinator:
Jessica Wakula
    732-747-0882 x109

School Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

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Contact Information
Shrewsbury Borough School District
20 Obre Place, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
Brent A. MacConnell, Superintendent
Anthony Calandrillo, Assistant Principal
Debi Avento, Business Administrator
                                   Superintendent’s Office:                                    
  Phone: (732) 747-0887
Fax: (732) 747-0889

Business Office:
Phone: (732) 747-0882
Fax: (732) 747-7510

The following will serve as Emergency Numbers to contact the school
in the event of a power failure

(732) 747-0889  and  (732) 747-7510


School Administrators


MacConnell , Brent                                 Superintendent 

Calandrillo, Anthony                Director Special Services

Avento, Debi                            Business Administrator 



Acerra, Andrea  

Agro, Deborah

Ames, Diane

Antonucci, Bridget

Arek, Gail

Bazydlo, Janice

Baker, Nancy

Berger, Erica

Bond, Sally

Brand, Eileen

Carr, Kimberly  

Chervenak, Valerie

Clar, Steven

Cross, Erin

Davis , Jillian   

DeGennaro, Vita

DeGrande, Joan

Dennis, Kathleen  

Di Stefano, Michele

Dura, Melissa

Ehlers, Laura

Fitzgerald, Collett  

Frankel, Anne    

Gammoh, Laura

Havard, Todd

Healy, Abi

Jauch, Sallyann

Jones, Lisa

Kane, Tammy     

Kulovitz, Robin

Leston, Donna

Lugones, Marion

Malanga, Gerald

Mancuso, Ann

McGinley, Patricia   

Mclaughlin, Carolyn  

Newman, Cynthia

Patton, Jennifer

Pettit, Michael

Potter, Nina

Pompei, Kathy

Quinn, Cheryl

Rooney, John  

Shaheen, Marisa  

Schreiber, Elaine  

Scully, Jean

Tillette, Michael

Trillhaase, Leigh   

Trotta, Sharon   

Van Brunt, Laurie   

Weag, Michelle   

Wiley, Chris

Yodice, Catherine