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Jessica Groom, President  
Heather Gourley-Thompson, Vice President  
Carolyn Barber  
Michael Galvin  
Pamela Hemel  
Karen Hepburn-Goldberg   
Christopher Jannuzzi  
Becky Montgomery  
David Ngo  

District Goals

  1. As part of a multi-year plan. Shrewsbury Borough Schools will implement the Mind-Aligned Curricula with The Count Basie Theater and other local school districts to utilize instructional strategies in arts throughout the curricula in an effort to increase engagement and improve learning for all students. (Year 2 will focus on our K-4 students).
  2. The Shrewsbury Borough School will implement a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program for all faculty and staff members to provide self-care tools to our professionals that will positively impact instructional practices and culture in the learning environment. Faculty and staff members will receive specific training in techniques, skills, and habits that they can utilize to reduce stress and anxiety in the learning environment and they will have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in an eight-week MSBR program.
  3. The Shrewsbury Borough School will focus instructional resources and personnel for student scoring “approaching expectations”, “partially met expectations” and “did not meet expectations” on the NJSLA ELA and Mathematics sections to improve scores. Shrewsbury Borough Schools will utilize NJSLA testing data as well as other local district assessments to develop specific strategies and measure improvement by grade level and content area to address individual areas of growth.

Board of Education Goals

  1. Assess and improve communication to the Board of Education so that information for the meetings are received in a timely manner.
  2. Continue to assess and address the many facilities challenges and needs of the Shrewsbury Borough Schools critical to providing a safe, healthy, modern learning environment to best meet the needs of our students.
  3. Develop and implement a plan for Board Member development.
  4. Negotiate a contract with the Shrewsbury Borough Education Association (SBEA) that will meet the educational needs of the district.

Rules of Correspondence

  • Any correspondence to the Board should be addressed to the full Board. The Business Administrator/Board Secretary ( must be copied on all correspondence sent to the Board.
  • Only correspondence that is addressed to the Members of the Board of Education (which included the Superintendent) and copied to the Business Administrator/Board Secretary will appear on the agenda under the heading of Communications.
  • The Board of Education appreciates the suggestions received via this web link and will consider them as discussion topics at future meetings.